First of all I have to tell you that some of my finest childhood memories are of my Dad making jerky with your mix on cold winter days. Sadly, many years ago the supplier he used to buy the mix from stopped carrying it. My Dad tried a couple of times to use different cures but none would equal yours. He never made jerky again. I decided to see if you were still around, somewhere out there. I did a search and was delighted to find you. Thank you so much! Roxanne November,2012. 
I've been using my own recipe for years, but this is so easy, and if I want to change it up from time to time, I just add another ingredient or two. This stuff is great.
Patience B.
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 Scott's Jerky Cures and Brines originated in Klamath Falls, Oregon over 50 years ago.  Find out why our customers keep returning year after year for seasoning their homemade  beef jerky and smoked salmon.   This is not just for beef jerky and smoked salmon.  This can be used for any meat, game, smoked turkeys, fowl and fish.  Use Scott's to continue creating memories from your hunting and fishing trips by preserving your catch.  Your friends and family will enjoy it year round.

For best results in making your beef jerky;  Cut meat into 1/4 inch thick slices across the grain. Cut off any fat as it could become rancid. Add Scott's seasoning mix, speed cure ( pink bag), liquid smoke & 1/2 gallon of water to any non-metal, except stainless steel container.  Stir to dissolve.  Add meat slices and soak for 6 hours in a cold location.  Remove from brine. At this point you should rinse meat and pat dry. Air dry over sink for 20 minutes.  Place strips into dehydrator, home oven or smoker.  Dry for about 4 hours and then check periodically.  Time will differ depending on your dehydrator, oven , smoker, and humidity in you area.  Slices should be pliable, not brittle.  Place in air tight containers.  It's recommended to keep refrigerated and air tight or freeze until ready to eat. Suggested cuts for making  beef jerky: Round steak, flank steak, roasts of any kind. 

These steps are the same in preparing smoked salmon and fish .


Easy instructions and  recipes are included in the jerky cure boxes for preparing smoked turkeys, appetizers, and roasts. Buy now in time for your holiday menus.