First of all I have to tell you that some of my finest childhood memories are of my Dad making jerky with your mix on cold winter days. Sadly, many years ago the supplier he used to buy the mix from stopped carrying it. My Dad tried a couple of times to use different cures but none would equal yours. He never made jerky again. I decided to see if you were still around, somewhere out there. I did a search and was delighted to find you. Thank you so much! Roxanne November,2012. 
I've been using my own recipe for years, but this is so easy, and if I want to change it up from time to time, I just add another ingredient or two. This stuff is great.
Patience B.
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About Us

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We have four children and ten grandchildren, who all love jerky.  One of the first things our grandchildren expect, is to  help make a batch of jerky in the dehydrator as soon as they get here for the summer.  It's a fun project and we get a chance to get caught up.  I also keep plenty in the car, so that if they get hungry, they have something until the next meal.

We are dedicated to providing the finest quality products and services available.  We are available by e-mail  at or you can contact us  at 575-621-4220 between 9 am and 5 pm mountain time, We are only to happy to answer your questions or concerns.